Vintage Nicole Willis Set For Release in 2018

Ms Nicole Willis, whose roots are from New York, was first signed to Reprise / Warner Brothers in 1994 and then Pony Canyon in Japan in 1997 with the band Repercussions. Ms Willis also worked on an album for the renowned label Rawkus Records with colleagues Charles Stella and Daniel Wyatt, owners of the studio and production team Temple Of Soul.
Heavily inspired by recording acts such as Nightmares On Wax and Portishead, they formed a group as a trio called Crown Of Brahma. Ms Willis used her amateur musician skills to compose sensitive and simple chords while Mr Stella played guitar fastidiously and Mr Wyatt made crunchy break beats that displayed his enthusiasm for New York’s distinguished hip hop. Stella & Wyatt, quickly acquired masterful production skills and recorded an album mainly consisting of instrumental tracks with a couple of vocal tracks with Ms Willis. As been her practise, she wrote and composed lyric and melody along with keyboard chords. The vocal tracks are An Angel On My Shoulder & And I’ll Be Free As A Bird.
The album and tracks have never been previously released as Rawkus Primitive shelved the LP releasing a 12″ of selected tracks, hence the two vocal songs are to be released on Persephone Records in 2018, just over 20 years since their completion. They will make the second 45 RPM, 7″ single for the label.
Stay tuned for further news and updates on the release date.