Review of Bosq featuring Nicole Willis’ track Bad For Me at Wax Poetics

In case you didn’t catch the release of the cool white vinyl and disco sleeve, 45 rpm, 12″ single by Bosq (from the Whiskey Barons) featuring Nicole Willis titled Bad For Me get it now at Ubiquity Records!

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With the lyrics, Ms. Nicole reads that care-free cavalier and tells him all about himself. Check out yet another set of lyrics written by Nicole Willis.

Bosq and Ms. Nicole Willis got a glowing review at none other than aficionado music-zine Wax Poetics. Bosq also talks about his creative process for the track Bad For Me, with roots steeped in house, Latin jazz and Bohannon. The 12″ features a remix from Soul Clap and Late Night Dub as well as the original version. Read all about it at Wax Poetics.

Talk about some elements of each of the three versions that you really enjoy.

“For the full version, I just love Nicole’s tone. It’s so dope and effortless and on point. My favorite part is the little bridge before the chorus. I feel like she nailed that so perfectly! I also really like the simple little steel drum melody, which is a miracle, because I almost always hate any melody I write. On the Dub, I have to say Yuki’s solo for certain. On top of the amazing playing, it was so much fun to record. He is such an animated player and so fun to watch. He’s a seriously inspiring musician and so humble, too. In the Soul Clap remix, I really love when they strip it down to those heavy-ass drums and my little Rhodes stabs. It made me wish I had done a part like that, which is the best possible sign in a remix!”

Bosq interview at Wax Poetics

There’s even talk that Bosq and Ms. Nicole may do more tracks together…let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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