Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators play at Scènes d’été, Beauvais, France

Ms. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators will play their first gig since the release of their 7″ single, Paint Me In A Corner/Where Are You Now on Timmion Records in France. The group enjoy a marvelous reputation in the region and are anxious to get back to the land that holds the majority of their fans. The single was released on 1 May, 2015 with an excellent reception. Days are early so get your copy of the 7″, 45 rpm from the Timmion Records Webshop while it’s hot.

Buy Paint Me In A Corner/Where Are You Now

The gig will be on the 3rd of July, 2015 at the city festival Scènes d’été of the town Beauvais, just 75 kilometers from Paris. The line up for that date will include the Spanish Rhythm & Blues outfit The Excitements as well as Sir Nash from Beauvais.

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators will be performing songs from their upcoming release Happiness In Every Style (Timmion Records, autumn 2015), including the songs from the single Paint Me In A Corner/Where Are You Now, as well as classic tracks form Keep Reachin’ Up (Timmion, 2005) & Tortured Soul (Timmion 2013). The Soul Investigators will also be performing the dirty soul instrumentals Vulture’s Prayer and Bad Viberations (The Soul Investigators featuring Jimi Tenor). That new 7″ single is out right now!

Listen to the Soul Investigators featuring Jimi Tenor, Vulture’s Prayer/Bad Viberations

The band will be performing with a new line up:

Nicole Willis: vocals

Erno Haukkala: trombone, flute

Sami Kantelinen: bass guitar

Antti Lauronen: baritone sax, flute, percussion

Emil Luukkonen: Hammond organ

Seppo Salmi: guitar

Jukka Sarapää: drums

Calling all Beauvaisiens, be prepared to dance! Get ready for a soul shaker!


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