Nicole Willis & Jimi Tenor featuring Tony Allen are performing at Flow Festival

On the heels of their release on Sahco Records (2015) All For You/Touching, Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen are scheduled to perform at Flow Festival on Sunday, 14th August, 2016. They are set to take Flow Festival’s Bright Balloon 360° stage.

Tony Allen is the phoenix that just keeps rising, setting the standard for a generation of Afro drummers from the beginnings of his 50 year long career to this very day. Jimi Tenor, a prolific composer, arranger and jazz man, has had a continued creative relationship with Mr Allen, and the music just keeps flowing. Ms Willis is excited to perform with these two great artists. Special guest musicians on electric bass Ndioba & on guitar Julius Heikkilä, will join them on the stage and will announced shortly.

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The Flow Festival is a city gem that has evolved into a Helsinki essential staple. Founded by musicians, the creative team know what is really good, so purchasing a ticket for the whole event will certainly provide non-stop elation throughout.

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