Check out the new Herakles Records Website

As a venture between Ms. Nicole Willis and partner musician Jimi Tenor, Herakles Records was begun. Herakles Records has been releasing albums since as recently as 2013 and has a catalog worth looking into. Check out the music on Herakles, also expect a new album from Jimi Tenor & UMO Jazz Orchestra titled Mysterium Magnum, exclusively on Herakles Records, set to be released in September 2015.  It’s big band, car chase jazz from the versatile Mr. Tenor & world class UMO. The new Herakles Records website has all the news on the releases, plus a shop to stock up on records by Cola & Jimmu, Haunted By Hallucinations, PMS, and the up coming Mysterium Magnum. Herakles stocks vinyl for all their releases.

Visit The Herakles Records Website!

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