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I Give To You My Love & Devotion

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All Tracks Composed, Performed & Produced by Nicole Willis & Jimi Tenor.

Herakles Records, 2014

Album Review

I Give To You Recording artists Jimi Tenor & Nicole Willis, former husband and wife team whom together brought you Call of the Wild on Tenor’s Out Of Nowhere, (Warp, 2000), Feeling Free on Willis’ Keep Reachin’ Up, (Timmion Records, 2005), release their follow up album of project COLA&JIMMU, to album Enigmatic, (Herakles Records, 2013). The album is featuring their production as well as compositions. With instrumentations by Tenor and beats procured from the vintage gear of Jori Hulkkonen in his Turku studio, Alppihouz by Willis, the album has a warm feeling and yet sufficiently exciting for the electronic house heads. There are plenty of string pads, flutes and flute pads, etc to prick up your ears. COLA&JIMMU once again capture the genuine, old school sound.
- Word And Sound Medien GmbH